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96 Shifter Wiring

Just a couple notes about re-wiring the 96 floor shifter to work with aftermarket shifters.

Yellow and Purple are the Neutral Safety Switch.
Orange/Black and Black/White control the Trunk Release
Pink and Green control the Backup Lights.


The Neutral Safety Switch on the Cheeta Shifter is properly wired. This prevents accidentally trying to start the car when it is in gear. For now the Trunk Release works. When I get a round to it I’ll rewire into the Neutral Safety Switch to prevent accidentally opening the trunk at 108 MPH.

That leaves me to contemplate the Backup Lights. The shifter doesn’t have a reverse switch, so I’ll have to fab something up this fall.





Lost trip


Due to the significant amount of rain this week, we are going to be closed this weekend. We are not confident enough with the safety aspect, and don’t want to waste our racers money and time to battle water seepage. We are working on a resolution at this time to eliminate this issue for the future. We hope you understand and stick by us as we work to make this the best track we can. Thank You

Sadly, we received this information a few minutes before we arrived at our hotel. The weather on Friday and Saturday was perfect, but the track was water logged. So the race car sits all dressed up an no place to GO!!

Water seepage is no joke. It only gets worse as the track warms up and the water boils to the surface.


East Coast Impala Open

David and I took the car to Mason Dixon Dragway in Maryland to race in the East Coast Impala Open.

I ran against Bill DeBasio in the first round and lost by .0217 of a second.


I felt a little better when Bill won the entire event.  I think I had the deck stacked against me, IBill was racing car #13 and won his 13th ECIRS race in 2013. Kind of cool.




Meguiar’s Treatment

You guys know that I don’t like washing and waxing cars. After trailing the car to Maryland and back the road salt and grimme was just too much for me to ignore. I’m giving the car the Meguiar’s Treatment. Meguiar’s Gold Car Wash, Meguiar’s Clay Kit (clayed it twice), Meguiar’s Scratch X and  two coats of Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax liquid.

What I want to tell you about is Meguiar’s Scratch X 2.0 Fine Scratch and Blemish Remover. It’s a great product and does a nice job of removing small scratches, swirls and transfer marks. Very easy to use; rub it on, wipe it off.

Meguiar's Scratch x2.0

Here comes the Sun

Last weekend while it was warm I got the engine bay de-greased and pressure washed.  Today to we had snow and it was too cold to spray paint.  The propane heater does a nice job of heating the air in the garage, but the frame was still cold. Kaczmar suggested a couple 250watt heat lamps on the core support with the hood closed. After about 45 minutes the frame was warm to the touch but not hot.   A couple cans of VHT Black and the engine bay is ready for the new motor.

heat lamps

Southern Super Heavy Shootout 12

I had a great time this year at the Southern Super Heavy Shootout. Being the event organizer and racing four classes was at least one job too many. But I love hard work and stress! Next year I’ll do better to recuit a few more volunteers.

The morning test sessions went great and the car was running very consistent times.  Norm Pelton and I have been going head to head at every major event this year.  I was up 2 to 1 before SSHS.  As luck would have it we came up against each other in the first round of Pro Street.  I got pulled off the starting line due to a power steering fluid leak. I took the car back to the pits and Rik and I started to thrash on the car. We missed the call for Heavy Eliminator and 12.0 Index. We made it back for Big Dog class, but my car is under powered for that class.

In the end I only ran one round of competition, but I had a great time with my friends and my son David.