Scotchbrite Grit Chart

I’ve been wondering for a while, how abrasive the different colors of Scotch Brite really are.¬† I found the following chart today.

3M Scotch Brite Nylon Pads:

(The value inside the parentheses is directly from 3M.)

7445 – White pad, called Light Duty Cleansing – (1000) 1200-1500 grit
7448 – Light Grey, called Ultra Fine Hand – (600-800) 800 grit.
6448 – Green, called Light Duty Hand Pad – (600) 600 grit
7447 – Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand – (320-400) 320 grit
6444 – Brown pad, called Extra Duty Hand – (280-320) 240 grit
7446 – Dark Grey pad, called Blending Pad (180-220) 150 grit
7440 – Tan pad, called Heavy Duty Hand Pad – (120-150) 60 grit

2 thoughts on “Scotchbrite Grit Chart”

  1. Thanks for this listing of the different Scotch-Brite colors with their corresponding Grit Ratings.

    Why was Blue left out ?

    Since I am giving you my email address will you please email me with the grit rating for Blue, if you can find it, please?

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