NGK V-Power Nickel – Spark Plug
Part Number: 4177
Line: NGK
1 Year Limited Warranty
UPC: 87295141779
Plug Number: TR6
Hex Size (In): 5/8 Inch
Seat: Tapered
Thread Size: 14mm
Tip Material: Nickel
Detailed Description
Hex Size: 5/8″
Reach: .708″
Seat: tapered
Spark Resistor Type: Resistor
Spark Plug Tip Material: Nickel
Spark Plug Type: V-Power
Thread Diameter: 14mm

Additional Details
Heat Range: 6
Resistor Plug: Yes
Tip Type: V-Groove
Gap (In): 0.040 Inch
Radius (In): 0.708 Inch
Reach (mm): 17.5mm
Approximate Resistor Value (Ohm): 5K Ohm
Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
Ground Configuration: Standard
Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel
Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
Insulator Height (mm): 50.5mm
Number Of Ground Electrodes: 1

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