Turkey – Predator Racing Style

Roast turkey is one of my favorite meals and we typically invite friends over when we cook a turkey.  I’ve wanted to deep fry a turkey for a while, but I been concerned about messing up a perfectly good bird.  Today, turned out to be the perfect day to give it a try.

Getting ready to cook a turkey.

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DIRTY JOBS: Predator Racing Addition

Getting dirty, sweaty, grease and grimy while working in the shop is nothing new. On this episode of Dirty Jobs, we clean up raccoon dropping and all sorts of other foul smelling, urine soaked,  putrid, mess out at the race shop.

A couple weeks ago we noticed a section of drywall blown out of the ceiling. From the damage it was clearly a large critter that fell threw the ceiling.  I had a good idea how they were getting up above the ceiling. Today we could clearly hear an animal in the loft.  We pulled the pulled the access panels down and the loft was a mess.


We filled two bags with crap and various bedding materials. Then we pulled out all the rotten flooring from the loft.  Make no mistake, this is a dirty job.



Southern Super Heavy Shootout 12

I had a great time this year at the Southern Super Heavy Shootout. Being the event organizer and racing four classes was at least one job too many. But I love hard work and stress! Next year I’ll do better to recuit a few more volunteers.

The morning test sessions went great and the car was running very consistent times.  Norm Pelton and I have been going head to head at every major event this year.  I was up 2 to 1 before SSHS.  As luck would have it we came up against each other in the first round of Pro Street.  I got pulled off the starting line due to a power steering fluid leak. I took the car back to the pits and Rik and I started to thrash on the car. We missed the call for Heavy Eliminator and 12.0 Index. We made it back for Big Dog class, but my car is under powered for that class.

In the end I only ran one round of competition, but I had a great time with my friends and my son David.