Steak and Main

Steak & Tequila! is a post race tradition started by Marquin, Rik and myself several years ago after the Southern Super Heavy Shootout. It’s a great wrap up after a day at the track with friends.

This last weekend after the Northern Super Heavy Shootout we continued the tradition at a place called  Steak and Main.  My son David knew about the place from the television show Man vs. Food. At first the adults in the party overlooked the place and passed by.  We almost missed the best steak I’ve ever had.

David and I started off with a some Sushi. I wasn’t sure what to expect at pub know for it’s steaks, but it was great.  You could honestly go there for just the Sushi. But we where there for the steak.  Several of us ordered the Rubbed Club Steak, it was remark.  A nice big cut of Delmonico steak rubbed with spices and with a gorgonzola dressing on the side.  And of course we had a shot of Tequila on the side.

It’s almost worth making the 10 hour drive just for dinner.




Morning test session I set a new personal best with a 12.36 @ 109.

Raced in three classes today.

Heavy Eliminator – Good run, but I lost by  .076 .
12.0 Index – Pro Tree . Won first  round by beating Norm.  Lost second round to Nab.  Nab won the class.
Pro Street –  Pro Tree. We qualified based on  reaction time, I was the number one qualifier. Lost to Norm in the first round.

Bring home two ancillary trophies.

I’ll post some pictures later, Ryan took 416 of them with my camera.  Now it’s time for a shower and Steak & Tequila!

We had a great time and I hope this becomes an annual event.

Scotchbrite Grit Chart

I’ve been wondering for a while, how abrasive the different colors of Scotch Brite really are.  I found the following chart today.

3M Scotch Brite Nylon Pads:

(The value inside the parentheses is directly from 3M.)

7445 – White pad, called Light Duty Cleansing – (1000) 1200-1500 grit
7448 – Light Grey, called Ultra Fine Hand – (600-800) 800 grit.
6448 – Green, called Light Duty Hand Pad – (600) 600 grit
7447 – Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand – (320-400) 320 grit
6444 – Brown pad, called Extra Duty Hand – (280-320) 240 grit
7446 – Dark Grey pad, called Blending Pad (180-220) 150 grit
7440 – Tan pad, called Heavy Duty Hand Pad – (120-150) 60 grit