Instant Center Brackets

Last weekend I picked up a rear axle out of a 95 SS.  Spent a couple hours on Sunday stripping it down to a bare housing. Monday, I had the housing media blasted. Today, I had instant center brackets welded up and the  axle tubes fully welded to the center section.

The IC brackets came from Anders  @

This time I acutal BROKE a transmission!

Thursday afternoon before we left for SSHS, I took the car for one last “Test” run. I was on a long stretch of smooth road not to far from home. I took off from a roll in first. Shifting 1-2 at 6000, 2-3 at 6000 and 3-4 at 6000, RPMs dropped to 4800. The car was back up to 5400 and roughly 120 MPH when everything started to fall about.

Broke the case on a 4L80E transmission. Bent and broke the drive shaft. The drive shaft crushed the exhaust.