Super Chevy Show @ Norwalk

At the last minute I decided to take the DGGM Impala to Norwalk to race at the Super Chevy Show. I ran the time trials on Saturday, the track prep was good but the heat and humidity made it pretty miserable. After I was done with my sessions, I went over to check out the car show.  Only two of the OASISS guys were showing their cars. As far as I could tell these were the only other 94-96 Impala’s at the event.

Eliminations were on Sunday.  The heat and humidity were down with overcast skies and steady breeze .

Round 1 – 12:54pm
I dialed-in a 12.91 vs. 11.46.  I had a terrible reaction time .205, but at 1000′   I couldn’t see the other car so I backed off just a bit to prevent a breakout.  I won with a 13.37.

Round 2 – 3:43pm
The sun was out on the track and the temp was up, so I dialed in a 12.93 vs. 16.73.  The Camaro red lights and the pressure is off, I have the win. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, I had a better reaction time of .162 and I ran 12.939, while the Camaro ran a 16.9.

Round 3 – 4:35pm
The lanes start to move and the car won’t start!  Last week I blew a fuse, so I hop out and check it. Fuse it good, I only have another couple minutes to figure this out. Luckily,  I find a lose ground. I tighten it by hand and hope it works. Turn the key and the car starts up just in time. I quickly get my helmet and seat belts on and it it time to go.

We both dial in a 12.93.  This is a heads up race, just don’t break out. My reaction time is a .054 (yes!) he has a .270,  I hit the line first with a  13.063 and he has a 13.031.  Holeshot win!

Round 4  – 4:54pm ( Final 8 Cars)
I made a quick run to the pits and tighten down that ground and I dash back to the staging lanes. I wasn’t even thinking and I left the 12.93 on the window.   The Chevelle is set for 12.06.   The car launches hard and we’re off! The Chevelle is right there by my rear quarter the entire way down the strip and gaining. Man this is going to be close!   Break out! I ran a 12.86 on a 12.93 dial-in.  Where did that extra power come from?? Was the bad ground causing that much power lose?