Transmission Damage

I just picked up the transmission from Rik at Ortonville Transmission. Well the transmission damage was worse than I thought. Broken bolts in the overdrive housing, intermediate clutch pack was cooked, overdrive clutch damage. TCC solenoid screen was full of converter clutch material. The filter was clogged up with a combination of transmission clutch and converter clutch material.

If there was any doubt before, the torque converter definitely needs to be rebuilt.

Piston Damage

Over the weekend Mike pulled the motor apart and sent me the following picture. Forunately, it doesn’t appear to have damaged the head. Mike is going to disasble the heads and inspect the seats just to be sure.

#8 Piston
Where did that piece of metal go?

‘Wha’ Happened’…

You may have noticed that the focus of the Predator-Racing website has changed. When Rik told me he had decided to take down the Predator-Racing website, I convinced him to allow me to take over the site and change to focus to Racing the Predator. In my mind Predator-Racing will always be Rik. I’m just keeping the lights on while Rik is busy taking on a new challenge.

4L80E Trans Rebuild

When I picked up the Predator the trans was out and the motor was damaged. The trans fluid smelled burnt, the color was off and there was some sediment floating in the fluid. No reason to take a chance, so I dropped it off for a rebuild. I’ve been using Rick’s Orion Transmission in Ortonville. The torque converter will go out shortly to be cut open and flushed.

10 Weeks!

It’s cold clear night, the air temperature is  22F and I can’t imagine how cold the track temp was today. The cars are packed away in the garage for the winter and I find myself looking for something to do, so I started this website.  I hope to document everything I do this this season.

The goal this year is to race the both Impala’s .  Having both cars running this year will be the first milestone.  Predator needs a new motor and the transmission will be freshened up for the new year.  RaceCar has a oil leak and a transmission leak, with a little luck these will be easy fixes.