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NGK V-Power Nickel – Spark Plug
Part Number: 4177
Line: NGK
1 Year Limited Warranty
UPC: 87295141779
Plug Number: TR6
Hex Size (In): 5/8 Inch
Seat: Tapered
Thread Size: 14mm
Tip Material: Nickel
Detailed Description
Hex Size: 5/8″
Reach: .708″
Seat: tapered
Spark Resistor Type: Resistor
Spark Plug Tip Material: Nickel
Spark Plug Type: V-Power
Thread Diameter: 14mm

Additional Details
Heat Range: 6
Resistor Plug: Yes
Tip Type: V-Groove
Gap (In): 0.040 Inch
Radius (In): 0.708 Inch
Reach (mm): 17.5mm
Approximate Resistor Value (Ohm): 5K Ohm
Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
Ground Configuration: Standard
Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel
Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
Insulator Height (mm): 50.5mm
Number Of Ground Electrodes: 1

Blower Plate Project

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The original blower plate was made of aluminum add would flex under load and cause belt slippage. It would even break and throw the belt from time to time. The new plate is made of steel, it will have additional mounting holes and spring tensioner.