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Injector Results

Rich from Cruzin Performance called today to give me the report on the injectors. After running multiple tests, he couldn’t find any issues.  Injector #8, that we thought might be a problem, is flowing just fine. In fact the entire set was working so well, that Rich didn’t think that cleaning them would make a significant difference.   Attached are the flow results.

Header Bungs

Last Saturday I picked up the modified headers. Each of the primaries now has an EGT bung. Bungs are tapped 1/8 NPT and for now we have the block-off plugs installed. The welds look good, but I want to run them to make sure we don’t have any leaks before sending them out to have them re-coated by JET-HOT.

EGT (cont.)

Last night Mike, Rik and I did about 15 minutes work measuring the clearance between the left side header and the Procharger. We wanted to make sure we had room for the EGT sensor. After checking the clearance RIk should be ready to start the drilling holes and welding.

Before we arrived Mike had CC’d the heads. They turned out to be 60cc, this was good news. We’re trying to keep the compression in the 8’s. With the Diamond Pistons we are looking at running the compression ration should be in the 8.6:1 range. Then we spent the next five hours looking a broken parts and discussing ways to make improvements to the setup.

Then we took some tine to discuss and mock up some new ideas.


After looking at all the pistons and consulting with several experts it looks like #8 burned up do to running lean and detination. Unfortunately, this lean condition was not detected by the Wide Band O2 sensors. The wide band sensor is installed in the header collector and it measures an average across all four cylinders on the right side of the motor. For now I’m planning to leave the wide band installed for overall monitoring.

For tuning and to prevent this type of issue in the future we’re going to install EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) probes in all the header primaries. Then we can use the temperature reading to determine how the individual cylinders are performing and adjust them individually.